Youngest Person to Discover a Supernova



Kathryn Gray's Supernova discovery on January 2, 2011 projected her and her family into the astronomy spotlight, sparking interest from all over planet Earth.



Her younger brother watched as she searched, found and then dealt with many interviews and much interest. He too wanted to search for his own Supernova but was too young to understand the work procedure to do so. In the spring of 2013, Nathan, at 9 years of age began get his share of images to check and joined the search team in pursuit of his own supernova.



Recently, on October 30, 2013 he found possible supernova, only 9 days past his 10th birthday! It has been reported and has now been observed by astronomers from around the world. Nathan is now awaiting for researches to define what type of supernova it is and then an official designation.



Inquiries have been received from around the world requesting information about Kathryn Nathan's future. This page was created to provide that information and will be updated with news and events to come.



The Gray family thanks you for helping to celebrate Kathryn's and Nathan's discoveries and for showing an interest in their very bright future.