Posted May 2011

Kathryn continues to hunt for supernovae. As of May 1st Kathryn has searched over 2500 more images looking for her 2nd find with no luck todate. A couple of close calls had her exicted but none have proven to be supernovae. Now with shorter summer nights coming and less images she is looking forward to a slow down and break. She is looking forward to summer vacation and will be graduating to middle school this year.

This summer she will be attending several star parties to go camping and will enjoy beign out with other astronoemrs and taking in the views through telescopes. She also will be attending a few festivals to receive recognition of her achievment. Check under events for more information on her planned appearances.

Posted January 2011


A magnitude 17 supernova was discovered on January 2nd, 2011 in Fredericton, New Brunswick by a young amateur astronomer working on night sky imaged she received via internet from the Abbey Ridge Observaotry in Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia. More astounding than the discovery itself, is who discovered it: 10-year-old Kathryn Gray is believed to be the youngest person to have discovered a supernova.


Supernova 2010lt is some 240 million light years away and was discovered in galaxy UGC3378 in the constellation of Camellopardalis.


Kathryn immediately asked her dad, Paul Gray, an accomplished amateur astronomer in his own rite, to verify she had actully found a new supernova. He helped her rule out asteroids and then checked a list of current known supernovae. Once these verifications were completed father and daughter asked astronomer, David Lane, of the Abbey Ridge Observatory to verify that the object was still present in the night sky. With the help of Brian Tieman, an amateur astronomer a confirmation image was aquired and the find was reported to the International Astronomical Union.


Back in 1995, Paul, then age 22 spent time in the starlight when he became the youngest person to discover a Supernova. From this stellar foundation, Paul discovered 5 others supernovae, 2005b, 2005ea, 2007R, 2007ac and 2007ad.



Residents of Fredericton, New Brunswick, the Grays have four children, Kathryn, the oldest, a seven year old brother and twin 2 year olds. Kathryn attends public school and is a very good student who enjoys extracurricular activities with her many friends.


Kathryn loves school and has already identified her passion for leanring and teaching. She says she will one day be a Kindergarten Teacher.